ROLFING®     OLYMPIA             


As created by Dr. Rolf, the standard series of treatment consists of 10 sessions. By softening and lengthening chronically contracted tissues, Rolfing restores ease and range of motion by alleviating or eliminating many of the common strains produced by poor posture, injuries and a lifetime of wear and tear.

Rolfing is strategy-driven method to progressively release patterns of tension and pain in the body as the series unfolds. While each of the sessions has a specific goal, a Rolfer's approach will vary according to the unique compensations each individual presents.

The first three sessions deal with the surface or superficial structures of the body. This prepares the body for deeper change. The fourth through seventh sessions deal with elements defined as Core Structures. These sessions address the deeper intrinsic holding patterns in the neuromuscular / fascial network. The last three sessions are more integrative in nature and consolidate the changes acquired in the earlier sessions. Taken together, these sessions progressively build, one upon the other, to elicit a higher order of balance, adaptability and ease of motion in our bodies.  This most often results in the elimination or the dramatic decrease of pain.